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There Are No Secrets

"Wolfe Lowenthal's quiet little memoir will with window-opening wisdom reinforce, I think, my view of how Cheng stood on Tai Chi. It tells how a young writer reacted to this strange Chinese man when h

ISBN10 : 9781556431128 , ISBN13 : 1556431120

Page Number : 142

Steal My Art

Liang lived more than one hundred years in great health, but his life has been amazingly rich and varied in experience." "More than a biography of Liang's life, Steal My Art also explains both the his

ISBN10 : 9781556434167 , ISBN13 : 1556434162

Page Number : 208

Bagua And Tai Chi

Beginning with an overview of both bagua and tai chi and their origins in Chinese culture, a noted black belt offers comprehensive advice on how to incorporate these practices into daily Western life.

ISBN10 : 1583943595 , ISBN13 : 9781583943595

Page Number : 219

The Complete Taiji Dao

"Introduces the principles and practice of Taiji Dao and provides illustrated discussions of the history of Chinese swords, with special emphasis on the history and features of the dao; the Taiji prin

ISBN10 : 1583942270 , ISBN13 : 9781583942277

Page Number : 429